Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rejected pretty projects for Marianne

Concerning the art of standing photography, under the lights and with people passing around you, I did little better than Dominique: either it is clean but small, either big but lightening...

At the Salon du timbre in Paris, between the Académie de philatélie's booth and the exhibition proposed by its members, Phil@poste hung the forty-one projects our Omni-president refused last Autumn.

On first sight, I found that the artists had problems or not enough time to beautifully design the allegory of the French Republic and the idea of an European Union... Two projects, if only I knew their authors, pleased me on this first sight:

An institutional Europe yes, but an inspired Marianne looking far forward.
The face looking to the sky reminded me of the pretty and too soon passed away Marianne des Français.

A very unusual pose1, a phrygian hat or just hairs,
but a decided allegory, looking future right in the eyes.
The European stars are moving in a cicular going forward movement.

Concerning the Académie de philatélie's booth, you will met there A-level philatelists and subscribe to their Documents philatéliques publication (25 euros for the first civil year, then 38 euros). Or for 11 euros, the 197 issue of Documents philatéliques will be yours. Inside, the exhibition's catalogue, introduced by the history and an all-member repertory by André Hurtré.

Booth #10 for the exhibition in black (and whose mounting workers discuted the value, hence the carefulness to have with the breakable glass) and #76 for the Académie itself. Marianne projects are on the backwall of booths #76 and 77.

1. But not if you remember the posters showing Ingrid Bétancourt, held hostage in Colombia.

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