Sunday, June 22, 2008

La Poste's philatelic policy explained

The French Federation of Philatelic Associations (FFAP) website followed the 2008 Salon du timbre news.

Daily photographic reports showed the event with some humor (you can see that the Marianne trophies offered to French celebrities made journalists come at the stamp show... at the inconvenience of the collector public).

The 81st Congress of the FFAP is summarized with the publication in printable versions, photographed or filmed.

The last version is used for Françoise Eslinger's speech in front of the general assembly of the FFAP. She is the director of Phil@poste, La Poste's service for philatelic production and sales. You can watch her favorite gimmick about the high number of stamp issues she organized. No change to expect on this topic.

I will limit my written reflexion there and let you, if you can read and hear French, discover Phil@poste's and the FFAP Stamp Festival's manager's policies.

For better articulated ideas on all this, I send to Claude Jamet's website, section "Généralités".

Note 1: the Fête du timbre is the recent French name for the day of stamp. The first day of issue linked to the event is organized in a hundred or so cities in France. The FFAP hopes to attract young people to stamp collecting thank to this event. The local associations pay for the place and the attractions; the Federation helps them by producting first day souvenirs to be sold by the associations.

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