Sunday, June 08, 2008

The French Post in Capital magazine

Capital, a French monthly magazine, has some pages about La Poste in its June 2008 issue.

On pages 44 and 46, a summary of express delivery service, Chronopost, recalled the difficulties of years 2005-2007. La Poste asked too much too quickly to its daughter-firm while the big heads were fighting each other... In the meantime, Netherland-based competitor TNT adapted quickly and efficiently in France to the European Union new speed limit for trucks (in January 2007 on the continent). For Chronopost, all this is told to be past time: clients and cash are coming back.

Two ads pages (73 and 75) try to catch entrepeunarial attention to the "ad mail" with psychedelic scenes. Slogans are "the real victory is when you are invaded by your clients" and "it is by far the best solution to precisely target [clients]". The serious part (white background, readable non contractual text and telephone number) shows with icons the six main services proposed by La Poste : to manage clients' data, conceive documents, fabrication, sending, reception and managing returning mail, archiving. Paper spam has a long life ahead of it...

The amateurs of banknotes and security printing will look at the picture report photographed at La Banque de France's euro banknote printing plant in Vic-le-Comte.

Capital is available in international press bookshop in Europe and Frenchspeaking Africa.

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