Thursday, May 01, 2008

Austrian post tackles lenticular competitors

The Austrian post likes to multiply gadgets in its philatelic program, sometimes accidentally. Now, for the European soccer championship, organized by Austria and Switzerland, it issued a lenticular stamp, that beats previous lenticular issues... technically and financially!

Here the beast reproduced on the Virtual Stamp Club: 5,35 €, with three moving pictures extract from a television broadcast. The three views show Andreas Herzog's goal that qualified the Austrian team to World Cup 1998.

Beside, the 2007 rugby lenticular stamp of France (3 euros value) is pale.

My personal podium of the European lenticular stamps that I saw:
#1: without discussion, the Swiss "Museum of communication", because it's the most useful use of this printing technology on stamp.
#2: the Finnish sky minisheet is over the Austrian and the French because of many good points. Four stamps employing lenticular views for different graphic purposes and a price that makes them largely usable by anyone on letters.
[... a large gap to be filled in quality ...]
#3: the French competitor win the race by a thin hair because he is cheaper (3 € cough cough...) than the Austrian, and the sole designed by an illustrator.
#3 1/2: the Austrian imitating television in an expensive way, like we don't watch it too much.

Have a nice sport season for those who likes to watch sport.

Same night's update:
* go read Dominique's Blog philatélie, you will be helped to reconstitute the philatelic lenticular jigsaw;
* including the hall of fame of one of these "champions"' breader, the Outer Aspect company.

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