Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Princess of York

Found during the Four Days of Marigny, this 1934 postcard (source), a portrait of the Princess of York:

(by Marcus Adams, see the Royal Collection ; edited by Tuck's Postcard, card #3960)

Elizabeth is the Duke of York's daughter, the second son of King George V. The Duke became King because of his brother, Edward VIII, in December 1936. Here was the young and future Queen Elizabeth II, before her uncle's abdication.

Younger she was, when the Newfoundland colony chose her portrait for the 6 cent stamp of 1932, more than her royal grand-father (2 cents), her grand-mother (3 cents) and her Prince of Wales uncle (4 cents). Above her, you see animals and landscapes of the Eastern Canadian colony.

In 1932, like for this card, it is photograph Marcus Adams operating.

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