Friday, May 09, 2008

Europe and elsewhere

Since 1985, the 9th of May is Europe Day in many States of the European Union, commemorating the founding lightning by Robert Schuman.

The States Secretary to European Affairs of France, a country with little Euro-motivation since the 29 May 2005 referendum (Did French electors answer on the future of the Union or on the man who ask them something?), published a website: Fête l'Europe. Its name is a play-on-word: fête l'Europe meaning "let's party about Europe" and faites l'Europe for "make the Europe you want".

La Poste follows by issuing the Europa series stamp just before the 9th of May and a stamp before each popular election of the European Parliament. Even if the last Europa to date is bearing a national face value, nor an European one... (No, I don't say "withdraw into our borders"... I thought it loudly enough:). Happily, our omni-President wil make sure that the France-wants-Europe stamp booklets be issued one with nationwide denominations, the other with Europe Union value.

In the news too, but more preoccupying: Lebanon is falling into civil war's fingers again and the Burma people saw the sky falling on them while the neighbouring States are imploring the Myanmar government to let be helped... To read and understand the Schuman declaration should not be limited by the borders of this European Union.

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