Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The history of Cartor

Watched before me by Dominique (I have an excuse: I was at the swimming pool), the interview of Gilles Le Baud, former president of Cartor Security Printing, by Timbres magazine's editor-in-chief, Gauthier Toulemonde.

Le Baud told how Cartor began its stamp adventure with gold (who said "Bhutan" again ?!), with success in 1996 and a stamp for Thailand. Since then, another gadget stamps were printed and some are showed in this video.

This interview has a special meaning in France because French collector often know only Phil@poste Boulazac (formerly ITVF), La Poste's printer. But, British philatelists know Cartor very well because it is now part of a British group including Walsall. It has been printing regularly stamps for Royal Mail for some years now.

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