Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Readings for a bank holiday

Here in France, after the first of May bank holiday (we said bridge - pont - for such long week-ends), comes the 8 May holiday longer of a labourfree Pentecost Monday. Some may want some supplemental readings.

While surfing the web, I recently found:
* by French Max Derouen, a specialized study of the Pétain 1 franc 50 stamp designed by Jean Bercier and issued between 1942 and 1944 ;
* Jeanne257, monography about the stamp of France Joan of Arc issued 1929 (adviced by Timbresphospho) ;
* by Tennessee citizen Tony Servies, the Stamps of Distinction blog which tends to develop some topics along its way: one article per postal issuer, per philatelic word and articles on methods and tools of our passion.

Walking up Drouot Street, Paris' stamp dealer street, I saw that there is a Vickrey auction month happening (certainly the last task to finance a well-earned Summer holiday). Among the dealers having a website, you can visit auctions of:
* Roumet with beautiful stamp boxes and a wall stamp vending machine of the United States (lot #1401 of the 512th auction starting at 300 euros for an original interior decoration);
* Behr with British colonial stamps to make the beginner I am dream (Elizabeth II on horse);
* or Straphil (to represent France outside Paris) that is preparing its auction for June.

To remind you of the history of the Vickery auctions (vente sur offres in French), read Dominique's article in French, but its sources are in English.

Read well during a sunny Spring.

Update on 8 May 2008: Joan of Arc.

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