Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eurovision and philately

What connection do I make between the Eurovision Song Contest, whose 2008 edition happened this week, and philately? Maybe the gadgets issued with the song :))

The winner's show on Dailymotion.

The Russian winner, Dima Bilan, sang Believe, composed with Jim Beanz, using notes, lyrics, rhymes, instruments. Like Phil@poste or any other philatelic issuing services issue a stamp, with an illustration, a printing process, artists, perforation, adhesive to lick or to press, etc.

But, you already know that, for stamps, collector must choose between the stamp cut out of a full sheet, corner block, the entire sheet, the mini-sheet lightly different in its perforation or adhesive, and the silver version inside a supposed hermetic plastic blister, postal cards and other stationeries, the first day cancellation, the philatelic book with the stamp inside a painted mini-block, etc.

At the Eurovision Song Contest, it is like that: a show around the song. Bilan is one of the examples played yesterday evening: a violonist from Hungary and a figure skating multi-champion on a tiny rink. And add all the typical (useful?) moves that does a singer loved by all girl teens of his country.

To be compared with the television clip:

There is a story beside the song that make the clip useful, like the illustrateed cover to a booklet of stamps, or the philatelic engraved document to the stamp's topic.

Bravo to the winner and to the European Broadcasting Union to perpetuate the sole European popular artistic event of the year.

For collectors of French stamps, I let you sort what you will buy from the lots of issues La Poste will do between late May and young July: more than 80 euros between May 29 and July 1 if you try only one item of each stamp, mini-sheet and booklet (I hope you are not a first day collector too).

For the soccer fans, France's Cup yesterday, at the rate of one goal each 102 minutes, you would better enjoy the Eurovision songs then watch the goal :p

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